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Just the FAQs
 Just the FAQs
With information coming at us from so many sources these days, it’s often difficult for any of us to sort fact from fiction, how to distinguish overhype from cause-for-concern.  

We’ve created this website to help. It’s set up in Frequently Asked Question format. When we get a call, or email, or see a question lingering on Facebook about something the City has done, we will do our best to answer it on this page. If the media gets something wrong, we’ll correct it here.

Most every decision the City makes is controversial to someone, so we’ll stay away from opinions. Instead, we’ll link to primary documents, minutes, and meeting video, so you can see for yourself how and why decisions were made. 

If you’ve got a burning question you’d like to ask, please submit it below. If appropriate, we’ll post the answer on this site.

We know that good Government requires an informed electorate. We appreciate your involvement and concern about Savannah’s future.

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