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Financing Your Business
financeFinancing your business is often dependent on having a sound business plan that identifies start-up capital needs and cash flow requirements.  Once this information is in hand, your next step is to find out which financing options are best for you and to contact those resources regarding any financial assistance that may be available for your business.
Most financing sources are determined by the following:

-Your vision, presentation, negotiation skills and marketing strategy

-The amount of funding you need and how you plan to use it

-Your personal financial history and current financial condition

-The type and amount of collateral you have

-Your skills, expertise and ability to manage the type of business you plan to create


Small business financing sources may include:

-Personal resources

-Family and friends

-Traditional banks

-Small Business Administration loans

-Private investors


Contact the Small Business Assistance Corporation or the Georgia Small Business Development Center for more information.

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