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Business Resources Directory
directoryCreating a business can be an intimidating process, especially when navigating the maze of government agencies and start-up processes that exist. To help you understand which office deals with a particular area, the City has developed the Business Resources Directory to provide you with useful information.

You'll find agency and office contact information on licensing , permitting, capital, training, technical assistance, and much more. 

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Development Services Department

Ph. (912) 651-6510

Economic Development Department

Ph. (912) 651-3653

Fire Marshal Office

Ph. (912) 644-5960

Purchasing Department

Ph. (912) 651-6425

Revenue Department

Ph. (912) 651-6450

Savannah Entrepreneurial Center
Ph. (912) 652-3582

Water & Sewer Planning & Engineering

(912) 651-6573