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100 Worst Properties
As part of the Blight to Bright campaign to improve and beautify Savannah, the City has compiled the 100 Worst Properties list. The list targets Savannah’s most neglected properties, selected from nominations made by the general public and locations identified by City staff.

Property Maintenance staff will be working their way through the list to bring each property into compliance, whether it’s an overgrown lot, a home with overdue maintenance issues, or a dilapidated structure in need of demolition.

Regular progress updates will be posted to this page. Use the interactive map below to view each properties location and the latest information about its progress. Clicking on each property will produce an informational pop-up; you can see a larger view of the property photo by clicking on it.

Residents can report blight by calling 311 or using the online 311 form.

The map was last updated August 2017.

Map descriptions explained

  • Advertise - Lot: The lot is being advertised in the newspaper to notify the owner of its condition.
  • Compliance - Enforced: The property owner is forced to bring their property into compliance.
  • Compliance - Demolition: The property has been demolished by city or owner.
  • Compliance - Secure: The property was unsafe and is now boarded and secured.
  • Compliance - Rehabilitation Complete: The rehabilitation process was completed.
  • Court Order - Demolition: The court has ordered the property to be demolished.
  • Court Order - Maintain Compliance: The court has ordered the property owner to keep the property in compliance.
  • Demolition Pending - Owner: The owner is in the process of demolishing the property.
  • Demolition Pending - City: The city is in the process of demolishing the property.
  • Demolition in Progress: The property is in the process of being demolished.
  • In Court: The case on the property is being heard in court.
  • In Court - Pending Hearing: The case is awaiting placement on court docket.
  • Letter  Sent - 45 Day: The letter is sent to the owner notifying them to repair the exterior within 45 days.
  • Letter Sent - Demolition: The letter is sent to notify the property owner that demolition is recommended.
  • Letter Sent - Lot: The letter is sent to the owner notifying them that the lot needs to be cut and cleaned.
  • Letter Sent - Unsafe: The letter is sent to notify the owner that the property is vacant and accessible to the public.
  • More investigation needed: Investigation is taking place to find the owner/heirs to the property.
  • Notice to Correct: A courtesy notice notifying the owner/tenant to bring the property within compliance.
  • Structural Evaluation - Pending: The structure evaluation has been requested through Development Services.
  • Structural Evaluation - Demolition Recommended: The structure evaluation recommends demolition of a property.
  • Title Search in Progress (requested): A title search has been requested.