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Parkingyard parking
Vehicles are not allowed in the front yard except on an established driveway, or parallel and within 5 feet of an established driveway. Vehicles, boats, or trailers in good condition may be placed in the side or rear yards and must not be parked on vacant lots.
No inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle shall be parked, kept, or stored on any premises unless enclosed in an accessory building so as not to be visible from the street, lane, or adjoining property.

Derelict Vehicles, Boats, and Trailers

A derelict vehicle is one that is incapable of being moved under its own power and has one or more of the major parts for its safe operation removed or destroyed, or constitutes a nuisance, health, or safety hazard. A derelict vehicle left on public property will be towed after 10 days.  A derelict vehicle left on private property will be towed after 30 days.
derelict vehicleAn abandoned vehicle is one that is left unattended on a public street, other public property, or on private property and designated by a police officer as abandoned. Abandoned vehicles will be towed after 5 days from public property and will be towed after 30 days from private property.