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Yards & Lots
overgrown lotOvergrown Vegetation
No grass or weeds over 10 inches tall. An overgrown yard contributes to an unkempt look and feel to a neighborhood, and can harbor pests, trash and hazards. Keep it nice and tidy. No excessive overgrowth with the shrubbery. If a tree or branch falls, remove it from your property.
Litter and Debris
Litter, debris, garbage, animal excrement: If it’s on your property, you’re responsible for picking it up. If you’re going to store items on your property, they can’t be visible from the street or lane. Cover them up or fence them in.

All fences must be constructed or repaired using materials specifically designed for fence construction. Tin or plastic roofing materials and doors are not allowed.  Fences must not be in disrepair.
Derelict Rental
Everyone deserves to live in well-kept housing, regardless of whether they own or rent. And everyone should expect neighboring properties to be kept up, free of criminality, and not overcrowded, regardless of whether the neighbors are owners or renters. The City has a special ordinance that focuses on landlords who keep their properties in chronically derelict conditions or allow criminality to persist. The more times the landlord is cited, the higher the fines.