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Establishment of the Colony of Georgia

Document Citation:
Saye, Albert B., ed. Georgia’s Charter of 1732. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1942. Taken from "Georgia Charter of 1732," (available at, accessed 1 June 2007).

Partial Transcript:
"George the Second by the Grace of God To all To whom these Presents shall come Greeting Whereas wee are Credibly Informed that many of our Poor Subjects are through misfortunes and want of Employment reduced to great necessities insomuch as by their labour they are not able to provide a maintenance for themselves and Families and if they had means to defray the Charge of Passage and other Expenses incident to new Settlements they would be Glad to be Settled in any of our Provinces in America whereby Cultivating the lands at present wast and desolate they might not only gain a Comfortable Subsistence for themselves and families but also Strengthen our Colonies and Encrease the trade Navigation and wealth of these our Realms And whereas our Provinces in North America have been frequently Ravaged by Indian Enemies more Especially that of South Carolina which in the late war by the neighbouring Savages was laid wast with Fire and Sword and great numbers of the English Inhabitants miserably Massacred And our Loving Subjects who now Inhabit these by reason of the Smallness of their numbers will in case of any new war be Exposed to the like Calamities in as much as their whole Southern Frontier continueth unsettled and lieth open to the said Savages And whereas wee think it highly becoming Our Crown and Royal Dignity to protect all our Loving Subjects be they never so distant from us to Extend our Fatherly Compassion even to the meanest an most unfortunate of our people and to relieve the wants of our abovementioned poor Subjects And that it will be highly Conducive for the accomplishing those Ends that a Regular Colony of the said poor people be Settled and Established in the Southern Frontiers of Carolina and whereas wee have been well Assured that if wee would be Graciously pleased to Erect and Settle a Corporation for the receiving managing and Disposing of the Contributions of our Loving Subject divers persons would be Induced to Contribute to the uses and purposes aforesaid Know yee therefore that wee have for the Considerations aforesaid and for the better and more Orderly Carrying on the said good purposes of our Especial Grace certain Knowledge and Meer Motion Willed Ordained Constituted and Appointed And by these Presents for us our Heirs and Successors Do Will Ordain Constitute Declare and Grant that our Right Trusty and Wellbeloved John Lord Viscount Percival of our Kingdom of Ireland Our trusty and Wellbeloved Edward Digby George Carpenter James Oglethorpe George Heathcote Thomas Tower Robert More Robert Hucks Rogers Holland William Sloper Francis Eyles John Laroche James Vernon William Belitha Esquires Stephen Hales Master of Arts John Burton Batchelor in Divinity Richard Bundy Master of Arts Arthur Bedford Master of Arts Samuel Smith Master of Arts Adam Anderson and Thomas Coram Gentlemen and Such other persons as shall be Elected in the manner hereinafter mentioned and their Successors to be Elected in manner as hereinafter is directed be and shall be one Body Politick and Corporate in Deed and in name by the Name of The Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America…"

"… all those lands Countries and Territories Situate lying and being in that part of South Carolina in America which lies from the most Northern Stream of a River there comonly called the Savannah all along the Sea Coast to the Southward unto the most Southern Stream of a certain other great water or River called the Alatamaha and Westward from the heads of the said Rivers respectively in Direct Lines to the South Seas…"

"…wee do by these Presents make Erect and Create one Independent and seperate Province by the name of Georgia…"

"…in witness as witness our self at Westminster the ninth day of June

By Writt of Privy Seal"

For Full Transcript:
Please visit the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia, website at (link verified 1 June 2007).

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