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Slavery in Savannah, Part III Moving Forward
African American Family Monument
African American Family Monument
African American Family Monument, Savannah, Georgia (2006).

The bronze African American Family Monument was dedicated on River Street in 2002 to commemorate and honor contributions of African Americans to the cultural, social, educational, economic and spiritual life of the Savannah community. The statue represents a modern black family that has risen from the shackles of slavery. The base of the monument bears an inscription by poet Maya Angelou:

We were stolen, sold and bought together from the African continent. We got on the slave ships together. We lay back to belly in the holds of the slave ships in each others excrement and urine together, sometimes died together, and our lifeless bodies thrown overboard together. Today, we are standing up together, with faith and even some joy.

Savannah City Council Passes Resolution on City's Participation in the Institution of Slavery, 2007
City Council Resolution 2007
City of Savannah Resolution, 2007
On May 24, 2007, under the leadership of Mayor Otis Johnson, Savannah City Council adopted a resolution acknowledging the City's participation in slavery and reaffirming their promise to ensure that "Savannah is a safe, environmentally healthy, and economically thriving community for all of its citizens," regardless of race and all other factors that make human beings unique from one another.

...Although this City Council cannot erase these inhumane injustices, this resolution provides for the record an acknowledgement of a dark chapter in the history of Savannah and a call to promote healing and reconciliation, for all our citizens as we move forward in creating a better community.

Document Citation:
The City of Savannah, Georgia Resolution” (24 May 2007). City of Savannah, Clerk of Council’s Office, Savannah, Georgia.

Exhibit prepared by the City of Savannah, Research Library & Municipal Archives.
© Copyright 2007 by the City of Savannah, Georgia. All rights reserved.