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Bryan Street Parking Garage

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This parking garage, built in 1996, is located between Bay Street and Bryan Street, with entrances on Drayton Street and Abercorn Street. The garage has space for 497 vehicles. Cashier phone number is (912) 651-6477

· Cashier Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
· Daily Rate: 
     Monday-Friday (5am-5pm) -     $1/per hr;
     Monday-Friday (5pm-5am) -     $2 flat rate; 
     Friday               (5pm to 5am) - $5 flat rate
· Monthly Rates: 
     Monday-Friday -  (5am-9pm) -                $80.00;
     Unlimited access -                                   $95.00;
     Reserved space with unlimited access - $160.00*** 
· Weekend Rates: 
     Saturday 5am to Sunday 5am $5.00;
     Sunday 5am to Monday 5am $5.00, Monday after 5am daily rate applies
· Special Event Rates: From $5 to $20. Special event rates pre-empt all other rates

***A monthly overnight rate is available at the Bryan Street, Robinson and Whitaker Street Garages for $35 per month, 3pm-6am daily.