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Savannah, GA 31401

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Savannah, GA 31402

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The mission of the City of Savannah’s Community Planning and Development (CPD) department is to improve the quality of life in Savannah through consolidated planning, funding of revitalization activities and public services, the allocation and effective management of federal funds, and the active engagement of citizens and community partners in leadership development, comprehensive planning and development activities which build and sustain strong communities.  This includes funding for affordable housing, business and economic development, corridor revitalization, homeless services and other assistance.

CPD collaborates with citizens to develop the Consolidated Housing and Community Development (HCD) Plan, which is adopted by City Council as the blueprint for community revitalization. CPD also works with target neighborhoods to develop neighborhood revitalization and redevelopment plans which address livability issues:

  • Land use
  • Housing
  • Economic development
  • Youth development
  • Infrastructure
  • Leadership and capacity building;
  • Cultural, recreational and historic resources
  • Public safety

CPD provides planning assistance to all City bureaus and departments, and allied agencies on a regular basis, including Housing Authority of Savannah, the Metropolitan Planning Commission, the Homeless Authority, and other educational, public and private organizations.

Name Title Email Phone
Reid, Kerri Director (912) 651-6520