Cultural Affairs Commission

The Cultural Affairs Commission is made up of 18 members, appointed by the Mayor and Aldermen. Commissioners meet every other month to review programming. In addition, the commission meets once a year to recommend purchases of cultural services from eligible arts organizations.

The Cultural Affairs Commission’s mission is to foster innovative programming and services as a means of increasing the diversity and the quality of available artistic, cultural, and historical offerings, of raising the community’s awareness of the benefits gained from such programs, and of ensuring that those sectors are used to enrich the quality of life within the City of Savannah.

With an eye to the future of this community’s arts, culture, and historical life, the Mayor and Aldermen passed an ordinance on June 14, 1979, that established the Cultural Arts Commission (formerly known as the Savannah Arts Council). Mayor and Council charged the Commission with the responsibility of advocating for the creation, the promotion, and the expansion of the arts, culture, and historical opportunities to be enjoyed by residents and visitors of Savannah. As envisioned by the Mayor and Aldermen, the Commission would voice the concerns, the needs, and the desires of Savannah, concerning art, culture, and history.

2020 Cultural Affairs Commissioners

Darren Bagley-Heath
Eddie Edenfield
Barbara Essig
Linda J. Evands
Andrea Hall-Houston
Patrick Kelsey
Jan Kramer
Kareem McMichael

Kristopher Monroe
Anne Allen Westbrook

Youth Advisory Sub-Committee

Andrea Hall-Houston
Darren Bagley-Heath

Public Art Sub-Committee

Kristopher Monroe
Anne Allen Westbrook

City priorities Sub-Committee

Patrick Kelsey

Next Meeting

Cultural Affairs Commission Meeting
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Savannah Cultural Arts Center Conference Room
201 Montgomery Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Meeting Minutes

January 2020

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Evaluation Forms

The following forms are for Cultural Affairs Commissioner use:

DOWNLOADABLE FORM: Commission Evaluation Form

Please note that the ONLINE FORM CANNOT be saved as an "in progress" document. The online form must be completed and submitted at the same time. If you wish to save your work, please use the downloadable PDF form above. For questions, contact the Cultural Resources Department at (912) 651-6783.

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