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For the latest on your city government as well as entertaining and informative programming for and about Savannah and the surrounding area, watch the live stream below, on our YouTube page, or tune to SGTV on Comcast Channel 8.  

SGTV Live Stream

For on-demand viewing of Savannah City Council meetings, work sessions, and more, go to the Savannah Government Television website or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Here are some of the latest videos from SGTV:

Savannah Cultural Arts Center Ribbon Cutting 4/12/19

Lincoln Street Bike Lane Ribbon Cutting

Cumming Street Blighted Property Demolition

Clifton & Ernestine Jones Honorary Street Designation 3/8/19

Great Savannah Litter Pickup News Conference 3/2/19

City Lot Tree Nursery Ribbon Cutting 2/27/19

Mayor's State of the City Address

SPD Promotion & Badge Pinning 2/8/19

City Span February 2019

Cloverdale Ribbon Cutting

City Span Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Woodville Neighborhood Sign Unveiling 12/12/18

The Front Porch Ribbon Cutting 12/11/18

Sweetwater Fire Station Ribbon Cutting 12/7/18

Mayor's Motorcade 2018

SPD Lt. John White Honored 11/30/18

SPD Promotions & Badge Pinning Ceremony 11/28/18

Tribble Park Additions 11/19/18

City Span November 2018

Savannah Arena Concept Design Meeting 10/30/18

Savannah Police Dept. Unit Awards 10/23/18

Windsor Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Battise Deck Naming Ceremony

City Span October 2018

City Span September 2018

Savannah Police Dept. Promotions & Badge Pinning 8/10/18

Savannah Police Dept. Meritorious Service Awards 8/3/18

City Span August 2018

SPD Northwest Precinct Ribbon Cutting 7/20/18

Pennsylvania Avenue Resource Center Groundbreaking 7/17/18

Cultural Arts Center Preview 7/12/18

City Span July 2018

SFES Firefighter Recognition June 2018

City Span June 2018

Funeral Service and Procession for SPD Officer Anthony Christie

Savannah Youth Council Graduation

Police Memorial Day 2018

City Span May 2018