Fire Safety Education and Training

Educational facilities, to include: public and private schools, colleges, universities, and technical schools, may receive a discount on their fire fee for facilitating an approved fire safety education program for their students and staff. This credit will apply to the properties where training is provided only. Buildings for which fire safety training and/or education does not apply will be ineligible for this credit. Training must include fire safety, prevention and evacuation, with at least one practiced evacuation drill per year, to qualify. The facility must maintain a written fire safety education plan on-site, which is available for review by Savannah Fire upon request, in order to be eligible for this credit. Furthermore, documentation of compliance with that plan will be required for the facility to receive and retain a discount. Documentation includes reporting of required fire drill(s) online at the Georgia Office of Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner website.

For assistance in developing a fire education and training plan that is acceptable, please contact Savannah Fire for assistance this email   

Documentation Required to be Submitted with Fire Fee Discount Application

The Fire Protection Fee customer shall provide the following documentation when applying for a Fire Protection fee discount for Fire Education & Safety:

  1. Fire Fee Discount Application;
  2. Documentation of compliance with educational plan, including summary of activities and annual fire drill schedule; and
  3. Affidavit with Certification Statement.