Emergency Operations Plan

This discount is available to non-residential properties that adopt an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that addresses fire safety, evacuation, and response in accordance with the currently adopted International Fire Code standards:

International Fire Code: Chapter 4 provides plan requirements

International Fire code: Chapter 3 defines occupancy classifications.

Emergency Operation Plans must include training and be reviewed, updated, and rehearsed annually, and meet the following minimum conditions in order to be eligible for this credit:

  1. “You are here” evacuations signs/maps must be posted throughout the building to aid not only evacuations but also in location of zones and exits especially in large buildings and warehouses; and
  2. All exit and emergency lighting must be maintained and is subject to random test throughout the year by Savannah Fire and Code Enforcement personnel.

Savannah Fire reserves the right to review the EOP both prior to and after approval of the discount application to determine if the property is eligible for this credit.  

Documentation Required to be Submitted with Fire Fee Discount Application

The Fire Protection Fee customer shall provide the following documentation when applying for a Fire Protection fee discount for the EOP discount:

  1. Fire Fee Discount Application;
  2. Emergency Operations Plan in accordance with Chapter 4 of the International Fire Code, a Conduct Incident Management Team Functional Training exercise/ Evaluations amended;
  3. Documentation of most recent rehearsal including summary of activities and date of occurrence; anConduct Incident Management Team Functional Training exercise/ Evaluationd
  4. Affidavit with Certification Statement