24-Hour Fire Team

Facilities with 24-hour staff on site whose duties specifically include fire safety, detection and prevention shall be eligible for this credit, recognizing the additional costs and risk reduction afforded by the activities associated with this discount. The facility must provide documentation to the City, in the form of an Emergency Operations Plan, evidencing the presence of dedicated 24-hour staff, adequately trained to recognize and implement the Plan in the event of a fire, and whose specific job duties require this activity. Employer training must include fire extinguisher training in accordance with OSHA29 CFR 1910.157(g)(1) and the 24-hour Fire Team assigned duties outlined in the Emergency Operations Plan. 

Documentation Required to be Submitted with Fire Fee Discount Application

The Fire Protection Fee customer shall provide the following documentation when applying for a Fire Protection fee discount for “24-Hour Fire Team”:

  1. Fire Fee Discount Application;
  2. An Emergency Operations Plan to include 24-hour on-site phone number and a description of the duties for 24-hour staff assigned to fire safety and prevention;
  3. Affidavit with Certification Statement.