Discount Policies and Procedures

The City has established the following general policies regarding consideration and approval of Fire Protection fee discounts.

No discount or combination of discounts shall reduce the fire fee for any individual parcel more than 20%, with the exception of parcels served by an Alternative Fire Department where the City is not the authority having jurisdiction.

Applications for a fire fee discount for existing facilities may be submitted to the City of Savannah Revenue Department during the designated application period of April 1st to June 1st, in order to be applied to the fire fee billing that is issued in September of that same year.  

For the initial billing scheduled for September 2018, customers will have until June 1, 2018, to submit a complete discount application and have approved discount(s) applied to the 2018 fire fee bill.  Complete discount applications submitted after the designated application period, will not be reviewed until the next designated application period of the following year.

Applications for a fire fee discount associated with new development (or redevelopment) sites may be submitted once the building is constructed, the building has been inspected by representatives of Savannah Fire and the fire fee is scheduled for billing.      

Discounts are only approved for (and applied to) eligible customers that meet applicable criteria as set forth in the Manual.  The fire fee is being charged to individual property owners via the City property tax billing system as outlined in the Fire Fee Ordinance.  If the property changes ownership, the new owner will be required to re-apply for the discount with the City.

All applicants will certify that building(s) on their property have their street number properly displayed in accordance with City Code of Ordinances Part 4- Public Services; Chapter 1; Article C- House Numbers; Section 4-1061- Required. Reference: International Fire Code; Chapter 5; Section 505.

By applying and signing the affidavit, applicants are certifying that their property meets all applicable standards and requirements. All properties that have applied for a discount may be subject to inspection and review by Savannah Fire. Representatives of Savannah Fire, at their discretion, may request to conduct an inspection of the building and/or property for which a fire fee discount has been granted. If a property owner refuses such inspection request, the discount will be rejected and the owner will become liable for the entire fire fee at the non-discounted rate.  If, at the time of inspection, the property does not meet the criteria to receive a discount, that discount shall be immediately revoked, and that property shall be ineligible to reapply for a discount for a period of three (3) years.

This section explains the procedures involved in applying for a fire protection fee discount.  The procedures include step-by-step instructions and eligibility requirements for obtaining the fire protection fee discount.