Non-Profit/House of Worship/Educational Facility

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Qualifying Customer

Discount Description

Percent Discount

Fire Devices

All customers

For devices that either help to suppress fire or warn occupants, including smoke alarms, Carbon-monoxide detectors (if the building is served by gas), fire extinguishers, and hood suppression systems.

5% per type of device up to 15%

Automatic Sprinkler System Discount

All customers

Area covered by the fire protection system shall be removed from the needed fire flow calculation

Up to 15% discount for the area covered by the sprinkler system

Emergency Operations Plan (EOPs)

Any Non Single Family Residence

For facilities that adopt Emergency Operation Plans that address fire safety, evacuation, and response and NFPA, or Life Safety standards, are annually reviewed, updated, and rehearsed.


Praise and Preparedness Program

Houses of Worship and Non-Profits

For houses of worship and approved non-profits that participate in this Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency(GEMA) program.

Up to 15%

Fire Safety Educational Training

Educational Facilities

For educational facilities that provide or facilitate fire safety training of their students by Savannah Fire.


Fire Wall

Any Non Single Family Residence

For buildings that have a two-hour fire rated dividing wall that encloses at least 20% of the total structure area.


Served by another Fire Department

Hunter Army Airfield; 165th

Air National Guard

Applies only to those properties in the City limits officially served by another fire department, where the City is not the authority having jurisdiction and primary statutory authority, and where the property is not located within the City’s Fire Service Area.