Open Neighborhoods

The City of Savannah launched Open Neighborhoods in 2017, a searchable map of Savannah neighborhoods through which the public can access available neighborhood organization contact information, Aldermanic Districts as well as information on area amenities.  All registered neighborhood associations will be posted on the Open an address in the Find My Neighborhood search bar on the right-hand side to identify the neighborhood’s name, active organization, and contact information.

Open Neighborhoods also identifies neighborhood amenities including Public Parks, Neighborhoods Site located at and updated annually. City of Savannah neighborhoods are color-coded and outlined on the map. Enter Bikeways, Community Centers, Grocery Stores, Libraries, CAT Bus Stops and Schools. Utilize the various tools located on the upper right-hand corner of the page or click on any of the map’s neighborhood shapes to explore.

For additional information or assistance, please see the SAGIS Open Neighborhoods Map.