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Permit Application - TaxiMobility & Parking Services Department

Transportation Unit

 Requirements to be permitted to drive a taxicab:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Can not be convicted of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs within two years of application, or have been convicted of reckless driving within one year, or have been convicted of three or more of these offenses within three years of application, or have been convicted of any crime related to transporting persons for immoral purposes (prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, or any sex related offense), or have been convicted of, been on parole, probation or serve time on a sentence of a felony. A plea of nolo contendre to any of the offenses set out shall be deemed a conviction.
  • Be a citizen of the United States or alien admitted for permanent residence or who have otherwise been granted employment authorization by the United States Immigration Naturalization Services.
  • Must show that he has a current motor vehicle operator’s license issued or approved by the State of Georgia, and that the license is not under suspension or revocation.
  • Must provide a current 7 year Motor Vehicle Report, no more than 90 days old
  • Taxi drivers are issued a permit after submitting a 7-year driver’s history

To renew a Taxi Driver’s permit:

  • Temp 60 day
    1st step “C” endorsement process
    Fingerprint   w/ICN #
    3RD party letter on letter head of the company w/ ID of the driver
    Signatures of the Driver and owner
    Valid Driver’s License w/ a C endorsement
  • $12 Renewal fee;
    $7   Change Company/Replacement fee

Permit Application - Taxi

New Company Registration (PDF)

Taxicab startup form (PDF)

Taxi Ordinance 2008 (PDF)

For more information, call the Transportation Office at (912) 651-6468