Parking Zone Information

Exempt Parking: Zoning Districts with exceptions to or exemption from providing off-street parking

Off-street Parking Requirements:

For businesses with the TN-2, TC-1, TC-2, or CIV, the off-street parking requirements are as shown in the following link: Mid-City Parking Requirements

For all other Zoning Districts, the following link will provide the off-street parking requirements based upon the land use/business: Off-Street Parking Requirements

Remote or Shared Parking Facility:

If off-street parking cannot be provided on the property where the business is located, parking can be provided in a remote or shared parking facility. The following link will provide the requirements that must be met:

Remote Parking Facility

Shared Parking Facility

Victorian District (1-R, 2-R, 3-R, 1-B, 2-B, 3-B): Remote Parking Facility- Victorian